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Badr AS is a startup offering services as urban planner and landsape architect, project manager and photographer related to urban planning.

I did take this picture at 70°09’35.9″N 24°53’43.9″E in Finnmark during a study trip in 2009, northern part of Norway. It’s just a small shed along the main road E6 running through the county. Today it has been removed. This give and take between human settlements and nature fascinates me and has the urban nature as it’s climax.

Some services:

  • Processing planning proposals, impact assessment and giving advices according to planning and building permit laws.
  • Develop urban space concepts and describe upgrading of infrastructure as part of exploatation agreements.
  • Prepare or participate in negotiations among several stake holders on behalf of both planning authorities or public and private developers.
  • Process architect competitions.
  • GIS analyzis using ESRI’s software or producing spatial planning maps regulation development proposals.
  • Develop map and models used in urban planning.

Map showing the position of the shed shown above.